How to redesign Login Page of WordPress Website

We all know WordPress do not offer any tools or options to customise website login page, The default login page design is dull and if you are running an e-commerce website it could really affect your brand. In this guide I will redesign my login page in few minutes and show you how you can do it too.

To redesign my WordPress website login page I will be using a free plugin called Feather Login Page from WordPress plugin directory. Feather Login Page is a pretty nice plugin with great and easy to use user interface and super lightweight with all the advanced features I need to redesign my login page.

First Install the Feather Login Page plugin from WordPress plugin directory by visiting Dashboard > Plugins > Search > FeatherPlugins.

Download Feather Login Page Plugin For WordPress
Feather Login Page Plugin For WordPress

Once installed the plugin there will be Feather Login Designer link in left navigation menu of WordPress admin panel. Click on this link to open design panel for login page.

After clicking on the Feather Login Designer link the options panel will open with Options on left side of page and preview on right side. We can use the options to change different things on this login page or select a template and use that as our login page design.

Feather Login Designer Options Page

To Select a template open templates section then click on Select template button to select that template. You can choose from multiple designs and then add your logo, branding etc.

Click on select button to select a login page template

Then we can change the logo by expanding logo options and selecting/changing logo image.

Additionally with Feather Login Designer we can change logo image width, height, Change its URL/Link and change Logo Title all within this panel.

Moving forward we can change the Background color of Login Page, Set a Background Image or set a gradient color background. It gives all the controls we need to set our desired background. For Image background it offers options like Background Position, Background Image Repeat so you can set textured backgrounds.

Many options to set login page backgrounds

Next there is Form Container option panel, This will allow us to change the look & position of Login Page form. With these options we can change width, height, border, shadow and use margins to change position of login form and really customize it according to our needs.

To Customize WordPress Login Page further there are many options to change form background, Form Labels, Custom Login form input fields, Customize submit button, Changes Label text and there is also option for adding CSS.

Using this plugin we can re design WordPress Login Page as we like. In future I will be sharing designs of login pages which you can easily setup for your WordPress website’s Login Page.

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